Adult Male Urinal Some urinals are available in child size to special order

Jade-Euro-Med manufactures a large range of body worn appliances.

Below we have a selection of our more common types.

Please contact us if you require more information on any of these or are looking for a particular appliance.

As we manufacture theses appliances at our premises in Chelmsford we are able to modify them to suit some particular needs.

A wide range of drainage bags, rubber or plastic, are available to fit all our appliances.

Body worn urinals are intended mainly for daytime use, however in some cases they may be effective at night. Night time success is generally only possible with pubic pressure appliances.

Pubic pressure urinals are helpful for use on patients with penile retraction.

Our urinals have a variety of apertures to give your specialist nurse a more “custom fit” approach to appliances.

Simple diaphragm style, Fig 4A and Fig 101.

Star diaphragm style, Fig 107.

Tapered sheath (require trimming to size), Fig 105, M100 and M200.

Inner cuff style, Fig 106 and Fig 6A

Appliances may have scrotal support (Fig 4A and Fig 107 for example).

Simple dribbling appliance, ref M100, need not connect to a bag as it is fitted with a tap for draining and is designed to contain “drips”.

Body worn appliances are best fitted by nurses experienced in their use, please contact us if you require details of an experienced nurse in your area and we will try to help.