Jade Ultraflex Self-Adhesive Silicone Sheaths

Jade Ultraflex

They are available in the following sizes: -

  • M510-25mm
  • M520-29mm
  • M530-32mm
  • M540-36mm
  • M550-41mm

The JADE M500 range. An advanced clear soft silicone material with a kink resistant design and exclusive hypoallergenic, non-sensitising adhesive provides a secure, comfortable, breathable sheath that promotes healthy skin and compliments good skin care.

Jade Naturaflex Non-adhesive Silicone Sheaths

Jade Naturaflex

They are available in the following sizes: -

  • M410-25mm
  • M420-29mm
  • M430-32mm
  • M440-36mm

Strap also available separately ref M450.

The JADE M400 range. All silicone, non-adhesive male external catheter is 100% latex-free to eliminate the risk of latex related allergic reaction. It also eliminates skin irritation that may occur with adhesives. The Naturaflex sheath is ideal for patients who change sheaths several times a day for intermittent catheterisation.